BCG Attorney Search – Thank You So Much For Your Critical Advice Regarding My Resume

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Now that I am settled into my new job, I wanted to write and express my enormous thanks to you for being such a wonderful headhunter. While no one in their right mind would ever say that their search for a new job was effortless, I must say that with your assistance, advice, and support, it came pretty close! Thank you so much for your critical advice regarding my resume, for practicing tough interview questions with me, for meeting me on the morning of my interview to give me moral support, and for calling me every couple weeks since my new job started to make sure that all was going well. I am truly grateful for everything you have done. Thank you again.

Teresa – Washington, DC


BCG Attorney Search – Legal Recruiting Firm

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BCG Attorney Search is a legal recruiting firm that is virtually unrivaled. They place some of the most promising candidates in some of the most prestigious firms nationwide. This is the key to their sterling reputation.


BCG Attorney Search was founded in 2000 by CEO Harrison Barnes and since then they have grown to be the nation’s biggest, and one of the most respected, recruitment firms in the country

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Firms looking for qualified attorneys know how difficult and time consuming the search can be. With so many candidates currently flooding the job market, finding the right match for your company can be a challenge to say the least.

That’s why having a recruiter can help ease the pain of finding the right person for the job. They can save you time and money, not to mention the headaches, that are involved in the interviewing/hiring process.

BCG Attorney Search was founded in 2000 by CEO Harrison Barnes and  since then they have grown to be the nation’s biggest, and one of the most respected, recruitment firms in the country. While BCG typically works with fewer candidates, they typically are able to make many more placements than their competitors. For example, in 2007, BCG Attorney Search averaged over one placement each business day nationally. This outstanding achievement is by no means extraordinary either, which is why the company is unrivaled by any other American legal recruiting firm.

BCG Attorney search is able to achieve these amazing results because of the way they hire recruiters. Rather than bringing in people “off the street”, they prefer to raise their recruiters through the ranks for a more “homegrown” approach. In addition, nearly every recruiter receives his or her training from company founder, Harrison Barnes, and must undergo an intense training period before they’re deemed worthy. This ensures that the high standards set by the company are maintained and is what sets them apart from their competitors.

But perhaps the main reason that BCG Attorney Search has reached such a high level is their policy of being the best at one thing rather than being mediocre at many. Rather than focus on a multitude of strategies and services like their competitors, BCG Attorney Search believes that they can serve their clients better by being the best at placing the best associates and partners inside the top law firms around the country. They don’t do in-house attorney placements, contract attorneys or placing of legal secretaries or paralegals. This approach has made BCG Attorney Search unparallelled in the industry.

BCG Attorney Search holds offices all across the United States with each office being staffed by approximately 20 legal recruiters, each of whom have the training and know-how to effectively meet their clients’ needs.

If your firm is in need of top legal talent, then try BCG Attorney Search before you undertake the process of finding/hiring yourself. You’ll likely save yourself time, money and a few headaches in the long run. To find out more about BCG Attorney Search, visit them at their website at www.bcgsearch.com.

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